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Series SFI-800 Sight Flow Indicator/Transmitter

The Series SFI-800 Sight Flow Indicator is a low cost, durable rotor style flow indicator with optional Hall effect magnetic output packages from remote flow monitoring. Both SFI-800 and SFI-801 models are constructed of clear plastic enabling 360° viewing of the rotor for easy flow indication. SFI-800 models are constructed of Polysulfone with excellent chemical compatibility, high pressure and temperature ratings, and all wetted materials are FDA/NSF ratable for potable water applications. SFI-801 models are constructed of UV stabilized Polycarbonate making them ideal for outdoor applications (materials do not meet FDA/NSF). The SFI-801 models also feature an easy view bright red impeller.

Three output sensors are available for the SFI-800 or SFI-801 Sight Flow Indicators adding remote flow monitoring to local flow indication. All three packages can be easily installed onto an existing indicator body in the field without any tools. Sensors can also be replaced in the field without removing the body from the process line. Units are weather-tight for outdoor or wash-down area use.

The A-711 is a unique and patent pending sensor that outputs two pulsed voltage signals proportional to flow rate. Pulsed outputs are a 5 VDC pulse and a pulse of the input supply voltage used, which can be from 8 to 18 VDC. This sensor is perfect for remote monitoring of flow rate and flow totalization.

The A-712 is a sensor that outputs a linear 1 to 10 VDC signal proportional to flow rate. The sensor is good for remote flow rate monitoring.

The A-713 is a sensor with two programmable open collector switch outputs. One output is closed above the set point and the other output is closed below the set point allowing the unit to be used for low flow or high flow indication. The set point is easily set by pushing a button at the desired flow rate. Sensor includes red LED indication of switch status.

Product Applications

  • Monitor chilled or hot water flow.
  • Great for use in monitoring water flow in chillers.


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