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Inputs: Floats: Open circuit voltage: 5 VDC; Short circuit current: 2 mA maximum. Auxiliary motor starter contacts: Open circuit voltage: 12 VDC; Short circuit current: 2 mA maximum. Temperature and seal failure: Open circuit voltage: 5 VDC; Short circuit current: 2 mA maximum. Mute: Open circuit voltage: 5 VDC; Short circuit current: 2 mA maximum.
Output Type: (2) Form A SPST contacts for pump output, (1) Form A SPST contact for seal-fail alarm, (2) 12 VDC driver outputs for High Alarm horn and light.
Output Ratings: Form A SPST: 5 A @ 120 VAC; 12 VDC Driver: 100 mA @ 12 VDC.
Control Type: On/off pump out (down).
Power Requirements: 120 VAC �15%, 50 to 70 Hz.
Power Consumption: .25 A @ 120 VAC.
Temperature Limits: -4 to 140�F (-20 to 60�C).
Seal Failure (Moisture Sensor): Trip point: 50,000 Ohms.
Weight: 1 lb 4 oz (454 g).
Agency Approvals: cUL, UL.

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